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28.09 - 30.09.2018

Women's Retreat

with Gabriela and

Puja Verena Lepp

Berlin, Germany



The Goddess Within - Reclaiming Your Feminine Gifts

In our rapidly changing culture, claiming and defining who we are as women, as feminine, spiritual and sexual beings, as lovers, mothers, friends and partners has become increasingly difficult and confusing.

It sometimes feels we are being put before a painful choice: to either be strong, respected, powerful and able to take our own decisions or to relax, enjoy relationships, enjoy being open, receptive and feminine. One side makes us feel strong and independent, but often we pay the price of becoming cold, hard, lonely and losing the touch with feeling ourselves and others. The other side gives us the ability to feel deeply, to relate and melt and to receive love, but if it is there alone, it can make us feel heavy, over-emotional, needy, dependent and not able to move, do something or take decisions.

This intensive course will guide you towards defining and reclaiming your unique feminine gifts and capacities, as well honoring both your masculine and feminine sides and learning when to use which.


We will get real on issues around relationships, body-image, food, ‪sexuality, spirituality, money, motherhood, ‪sisterhood, power‬ and ‪grace. With specific Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Meditation &  group therapy work we will reconnect to our Divine Feminine and to our inherent power and grace.

Bring yourself into the company of like-minded women, and learn to step more into your feminine leadership, as your gifts of connection, intuition, and energy blossoms! This workshop is for women who’re willing to go more deeply into exploration your own feminine and are open to work beyond asana.



"To acquire some feminine qualities.... And just see, all qualities are feminine: love, compassion, sympathy, service, heart sharing -- all qualities are feminine. Even if a man wants to function at the highest peak of his intelligence, he will have to be guided by his heart".

Osho, excerpted from: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha


“Life itself is the feminine….whenever you are feeling isolated and weary, feel the present moment as if it were a woman."

David Deida, best-selling author and lecturer



Friday & Saturday
9-12h Yoga & Co.
12.30-14h Lunch
14-16.30h Women-oriented coaching + therapy
17-18h Active Meditation
20-21.30h Free Fall Evening Session

9-12.30h Closing Session + Integration

This schedule is subject to change according to the group needs.
Sessions will be taught in German and English.



Gabriela Bozic, MA , is an internationally renowned yoga teacher known for her dynamic, passionate, life-loving and thorough approach in teaching, skillfully blending mystical and practical teachings of yoga in her classes. She holds master's degree in linguistics and advanced certification in Jivamukti Yoga. She co-founded the first Jivamukti Yoga Center outside NYC in 2002 in Munich, Germany. Being a close and a long time student of Sharon Gannon and David Life, she has been a part of the international Jivamukti teacher trainings since 2005. Her personal goal is to inspire and motivate students to live an empowered life in truth, understanding and love and by integrating yoga into their lifestyle to make this world a more joyful, more peaceful and more loving place. She leads workshops and trainings internationally and is an established presenter at yoga conferences worldwide. 



Puja comes from a background of being a certified practitioner (Psychotherapy, HPG Munich, Germany) with 25 + years of extensive experience in leading Personal Development Trainings and Spiritual  Growth Work. She is a member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners, VFP, Germany and the International Primal Association (IPA), USA.


Already in her early twenties, she became part of the Human Potential Movement and studied with some of the best-leading therapists of western psychology. Her teaching and counseling are shaped, amongst others, by the teaching of Dr. Arthur Janov, John Bradshaw, Peter Levine, Bert Hellinger and David Deida.

Puja has been involved with Primal Therapy as a growth tool for over 25 years, and she is one of the most effective Primal Therapy facilitator available to this day. The centerpiece of her work is Primal Intensive – Freedom To Feel, a week long personal development retreat for extraordinary transformation, which has helped hundreds of people to overcome their restrictive childhood conditioning and create a major positive shift in their lives. She now lives in Germany, where she is maintaining a private practice and travels around the world, leading seminars and trainings. Without dogma and rigidity Puja`s broad range of experience, her love and empathy for the human condition makes her a much-beloved therapist/teacher. Puja`s Workshops are given in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, India, Taiwan and China.




Early bird until 30th of June 2018: €380,-
Regular €420,-

Confirmed registration through transferral of course costs with reference „ Women’s retreat Sep 2018“ 

Booking and more infos: info@yoga-more.de,  yoga-more.de



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