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Retreats are just that! We leave our "normal," everyday life, dive deeper into the yoga practice, give our soul and heart space and time, and enrich ourselves with an exotic, earthy adventure. Daily asana practice (yoga postures), kriya (cleansing), pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation will detox, relax and strengthen your body, mind and heart. A healthy, regional vegan/vegetarian diet and the magical power of the retreat landscapes will support the cleansing and healing process.

21. - 29. September 2019

Crete, Greece

10. - 15. November 2019

Esalen, CA, USA

3. October 2019

Women's Day, Jivamukti Munich

"Not only did I have the pleasure of taking many of her wonderful classes, but I also participated in Gabriela's fabulous yoga retreat in Greece. It was one of the most fulfilling, relaxing and enriching holidays I've ever had!"

Dr. Angelika Taschen

Publisher & Art Historian






14. - 19. May 2020

Mallorca, Spain


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