Let's get together!

"The fastest Sadhana, for sure, is to hang out with other people who love God" – Shyamdas

In Sanskrit we call it Satsang, i.e. sacred gathering. Satsang means connecting to the truth. The literal translation is sat – absolute Truth, or essence and (s)ang – being attached to. Satsang is often translated as association with a good company, company of truth seekers. It is a coming together for the purpse of upliftment and God consciousness. It can be formal as in a yoga or meditation class, or informal whenever mundane concerns are dropped and the consciousness is elevated toward the Great Spirit, towards Truth and Love.

The bhavana (or the mood) of Satsang is what I love the most about my work. We gather together in the name of something higher than our own petty selfish desires and personal dramas. We gather to uplift each other with inspiring discourses, meaningful music, healing asana, sacred chants and heartfelt poetry. This is very necessary as from the moment we are born we start forgetting our true nature and the bliss of Oneness. We are constrained by the societal norms and forms, manipulated by the media, big coorporations or advertising agencies into a sense of inadequacy and lack mentality. Through different yoga practices we reverse the process by forgetting our limited form and remembering our unlimited Self, our innate goodness, our ability to burn with love, to pulse with passion, to courageously sit in the fire until everyone is free.

So to me there is nothing more beautiful than a gathering of people from all different walks of life, of different shapes, sizes, colors, opinions, experiences, yet all interested in living a life in harmony with Mother Nature, in truth, integrity and above all Love. Including all, excluding none.

Let's meet at these beautiful festivals coming up that will be powerful examples of a satsang: Namaste Festival on June 25th and at Wanderlust in Berlin on August 21. We will breath, sweat, laugh, cry, dance and sing together in order to peel off the layers of the conditioning as to remember our true self that is forever free and loving. More offerings below.

I can’t wait to be with all of you again, may we together increase the Frequency and Bliss of this one world we all share.

One Love, One Heart, let's get together and feel alright... Gabriela

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