Goddess Within

In our rapidly changing culture, claiming and defining who we are as women, as feminine, spiritual and sexual beings, as lovers, mothers, friends and partners has become increasingly difficult and confusing.

It sometimes feels we are being put before a painful choice: to either be strong, respected, powerful and able to take our own decisions or to relax, enjoy relationships, enjoy being open, receptive and feminine. One side makes us feel strong and independent, but often we pay the price of becoming cold, hard, lonely and losing the touch with feeling ourselves and others. The other side gives us the ability to feel deeply, to relate and melt and to receive love, but if it is there alone, it can make us feel heavy, over-emotional, needy, dependent and not able to move, do something or take decisions.

My own struggle with defining and reclaiming the unique feminine gifts and capacities, as well honoring both the masculine and feminine sides and learning when to use which has led me to offer an unique seminar with my dear friend Puja Lepp Primaltherapy, an internationally renowned therapist, that will take place October 13-16, 2016.

In this seminar we’ll get real on issues around relationships, body-image, food, ‪sexuality, spirituality, money, motherhood, ‪sisterhood, power‬ and ‪grace. With different yogic practices, group and psychotherapy work we will reconnect to our Divine Feminine and to our inherent power and grace.

I truly hope you can join us, and please forward this to your girlfriends who might be interested. More details and registration please go to: http://www.gabrielabozic.com/womens-retreat

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