Detox your feed

Just as we need to detox our bodies by eating and drinking clean for our physical health, we also need to detox our digital home for the sake of our mental health. Just as there is junk food, there is junk social media. Both leave you feeling crappy and empty inside out.

No matter how much you think you can handle this social media thing well + you understand that Instagram, Facebook & co. is not real life, what you see in your feed leaves deeper imprints on your psyche than you think. It can breed comparison, sense of inadequacy, feeling of not doing enough and mental pressure.

Nothing should show up in your feed that makes you feel anything less than beautiful AS you are, inspired, informed, provoked intellectually, uplifted and moved into action with love.

Ask yourself following questions while scrolling:

  1. Why am I following this person?

  2. How do their posts make me feel?

  3. What do I want my own online space to look like?

Other actions to take:

  1. Unfollow certain people on your social media, you‘ll see how much less anxiety you‘ll feel in your life

  2. If you feel ‚obliged‘ to follow someone back, but you’re not feeling it, that‘s a sure sign, you better not.

  3. Even if you like certain people and their posts, you don’t need to follow them all the time. Especially if you feel an overwhelm. Go occasionally on their account, engage in real time with real interest and comments. It‘s so much better for both parties in many ways.

These tips have done so much for me. Hope they will also help you create a meaningful + inspiring online home space where you feel supported and can give genuine support to others.

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