How to get it all done

Have you been busy lately? What kind of busy? There is fine line between busy which leads to inspired + productive vs. busy that leads to stressed out + overwhelmed. For years I used to think that being stressed out means being successful. I was wrong. Being stressed out means less productive, anxious and not easy to be around with.

So, what is my secret to getting it all done? I don’t get it all done! And for sure not at the same time. I set priorities. That includes a ‚wasted’ (meaning not productive in capitalist terms) day of playing with my kid. Or meeting a friend. Oh, and I dropped perfectionism. Good enough and done is better than perfect. Ask Zuckerberg.

Despite knowing this to be true the last few months were a challenge for me. It’s been very busy lately you see. Working on new projects, teaching workshops, organizing 108 different things. While I’m super excited and grateful for these opportunities and have no doubt that I’m in my dharma, I still felt overwhelmed, I wanted to drop it all, run away and hide. Running a business of being a yoga teacher is not just practicing yoga. It involves a great deal of diligence, discipline, structure, office/computer work, spreadsheets and time. And since I’ve become a mother, I have even less time. Luckily, I am also better organized because of that.

Here is my go- to actions and routines that help me get back on track when I start feeling stressed out and anxious:

* Meditate first thing in the morning.You can simply sit still and watch your breath for 5 minutes. Or join me - right now I am doing 40 days of SaTaNaMA meditation every morning.

* Slow down. Focus on ONE thing at the time. Start moving, speaking, doing yoga more slowly. Hold asanas for longer periods of time, add restorative poses to your practice. This will increase your feeling of groundedness and connection.

* Oil oil oil. Take a bath oil with warm sesame oil or an ayurvedic abhyanga oil from your head to your toes. Every day until you feel more at ease. Then once a week. This keeps the skin from drying, keeps your joints lubricated and calms the nervous system. You will love its soothing effect.

* Reduce your social media to max. 1 hour a day. I am on max. 45 minutes a day at the moment if at all. 25 in the morning 20 in the early evening. You can set your timer to shut down the app after 1 hour. Magic.

* Let go of the results of your actions.This takes pretty much all the pressure off. You’re not the doer says the Bhagavad Gita. The key to a successful career is realizing that it’s not separate from the rest of your life, but is rather an extension of your most basic self: And your most basic self is love. We’re all here to give love and receive love in anything we do. Dedicating our work as a service to the greater plan is the most important factor for happiness and wellbeing. It gives our lives a meaning. In your morning prayer and meditation dedicate your career, work, your talents and abilities to something bigger that your personal goals. To the happiness and wellbeing of all. Here a little prayer that I learned from Marianne Williamson which immediately centers and relaxes me:

Dear God, I dedicate to You my talents and abilities. I surrender to you my business and my finances. May my work be lifted to its highest possibility as a blessing on all the world. Please have me say what you would like me to say, have me go where you would like me to go and have me do what you would like me to do. Please use me as an instrument of your love.

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