A Routine to Overcome Anxiety and Fear

The emotional and mental toll of this epidemic is for real. For sure it is to me. In uncertain times like this we tend to feel stuck in fear and anxiety. We feel out of control and demand immediate solutions that are not possible. We start acting from our old fearful patterns.

Instead of processing our feelings and doing our spiritual practices we rather numb out: with nextflix, food, wine, gossip, or by obsessively watching the news or scrolling through social media. In our hearts we know numbing ourselves doesn’t change anything and we end up feeling worse.

In order to avoid feeling out of control it is CRUCIAL to SCHEDULE a time for SPIRITUAL PRACTICE. By actually scheduling the time for our spiritual practice we make it high priority. I know some of you are feeling so stressed out and busy as it is – but please trust me on this - you’ll feel more overwhelm if you don’t do it! Been there done that. There is something magical that happens when you take charge of your time and carve out 10-20 minutes a day for your spiritual practices.

You don’t feel like a victim of the world outside. You feel connected and grounded. You can serve your family and the world better. This I promise you. So if you won’t do it for yourself do it for the benefit of others dear to you. See, when we’re uncertain and afraid our default is self-protection. A clear mind and a compassionate heart are out of the window then. But that is what the world needs most right now.

I also find it important to keep your spiritual practice SIMPLE. Complex practices are likely to exhaust your already exhausted self and put you under more pressure ‘to perform better’. That only increases the feeling of being out of control.

So open your calendars (digital one, phone or a wall calendar, etc.) and schedule your time slots! Here is a three-step routine to help you get started. Please stick to the SCHEDULED time for 21 days. Expect miracles.

You can do all 3 of these practices first thing in the morning or spread them throughout the day. They need 7 minutes each or if you have the luxury of time do them for 20 minutes each.

1. Move

Start your day with some movement. It can be a yoga routine that you’ve created for yourself. It can be dancing, shaking, lifting weights, pilates. Just move your body. Below you can watch a sequence I created that is perfect for the morning to give you an energy boost (Deutsch) for a sequence in English click at the end of the text.

2. Breathe

Brahmari Bee Breath

I like doing this one before going to bed. It helps me let go of all that anxiety and sleep better. This very effective breath induces a calming effect on the mind almost immediately. Take a breath or two to settle in and notice the state of your mind. When you’re ready, inhale and then, for the entire length of your exhalation, make a low- to medium-pitched humming sound in the throat. Notice how the sound waves gently vibrate your tongue, teeth, and sinuses. Imagine the sound is vibrating your entire brain (it really is). Do this practice for 8-12 rounds of breath and then, keeping your eyes closed, return to your normal breathing. Notice if anything has changed.

3. Give thanks

Giving thanks and appreciating what you have is a very powerful meditation practice.

It changes your negative pattern of worrying into a positive habit of being grateful. This connects you with the truth of your being and gives you strength. It becomes your internal prayer and communication with Higher power or God, in whatever form you see and experience it. Also whatever you appreciate you create more of.  You can say things like

- I am grateful for my health and resources.

- I am grateful for my friends, family and their love.

- I am grateful for the spring flowers I see on my daily walk.

- I am grateful for the video meetings with my friends and community…

You goal is not to make the fear go away. Your goal is to befriend your fear and hear what it has to teach you.  May we all move gracefully from fear to Faith. 

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