Who's "triggering" you?

We are all just walking each other Home. Ram Dass

The company we keep has a major influence on how we show up in life. As yogis we strive to create satsang in the company we keep. Satsang is a powerful yogic practice. It means connection to the Truth. Often translated as association with a good company, company of like-minded truth seekers.

Even within a satsang, i.e. spiritual community, i.e. company of like-minded people, we will get triggered and upset. Such is the purpose of relationships. To uplift and remind us of our true nature (sat-cit-ānanda:truth, consciousness, bliss), but also to bring out our wounds in order for them to be healed. This is why we meet each other. To be a mirror for each other. To heal and to help others heal. To understand where we have been hurt, where we are shut down, and where we are still tenaciously resisting the blissful, loving Self, that is our true nature.

Some people will triger us less, some more. You might not enjoy this situation, yet it is the most perfect opportunity for both sides to grow. Only the people that act like you, your family or loved ones will bother you. That is why you need to take a look at everyone who triggers you. The people who bother you are about You! There is something in that person you need to “see” and own.

Here is an exercise that will help you figure some things out. Whenever you feel triggered by someone ask yourself following questions and answer in writing:

1. What does this person do (or not do) that bugs you?

2. How does this person make you feel?

3. Does this person remind you of anyone from your past? Who? Does this person remind you of you? How?

4. Where do you blame the other? Could you instead take a personal responsibility for situations in your life?

If you own that these people triggering you are a part of you that you have disconnected from, you will become wiser! More loving, more at ease. Can you accept your imperfection or do you continue to fight it? The moment you recognize yourself in others you have accessed the realm of understanding and compassion. This is the key to your personal healing and healing of the world.

In the end you know, we're all just walking each other Home. Also the ones who trigger you.

Let me know in a comment below what question or insight most resonated with you and why!

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